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Best Geysers in India 2019 : Ultimate Buying Guide

Water heaters are one of the must-have appliances in today’s era. Irrespective of the weather conditions and location, water heaters have become a necessary part of our daily life. The constant pressure of maintaining hygiene has led to investment in geysers for hot and sterilized water.

Geysers are mainly needed in the winter season in India or when you feel the need for a nice hot shower to get refreshed. Whether it is for a shower that you wish to have one or for the daily routine of washing clothes, utensils and vegetables, water heaters have evolved enough to provide for every purpose.

Water heaters/ geysers are simple devices that convert electrical energy into heat energy with the help of a heating element in the appliance to provide you with hot water. With advanced technologies and features, modern water heaters have learned to withstand problems such as high water pressure, corrosion and saving energy. With variable sizes, designs and shapes available in the market, it is a matter of choice as to what kind, purpose and price you wish to look at.

Now, investing in the right water heater is important in order to make the most of it. Some might find it daunting to purchase a water heater without burning a hole in the pocket. Fret not, this comprehensive list brings you the best geysers/water heaters available in India to help you with making a choice. Still confused with deciding the right kind? We present you with a solution for that too. Scroll through our “Water Heater Buying Guide” to get an inside out information about choosing the right geyser for your home.

Quick Note: Make sure to check the water (if it is soft or hard) beforehand. If the water supply is hard (contains more salts), then ensure the geyser you purchase comes with the corrosion-resistant tank. Or else you can install a water softener to convert hard water into soft. Because hard water affects the heating element and diminishes the life of geyser.

Top 10 Best Geyser/Water Heaters in India

Storage GeysersWater Tank CapacityPower ConjumptionInner Tank + WarrantyBuy NowAO Smith HSE-SDS-15 Water Heater15 Litre2000 watts7+4 yearsCheck the PriceBajaj New Shakti GL Water Heater25 Litre2000 watts5+ 2 yearsCheck the PriceAmerican Micronic AMI WHM3 Water Heater25 Litre2000 watts2 yearsCheck the PriceV-Guard Victo Water Heater15 Litre2000 watts2 yearsCheck the PriceHavells Monza EC5S Water Heater15 Litre2000 watts6+2 yearsCheck the PriceUsha Misty Water Heater25 Litre2000 watts7+2 yearsCheck the PriceV-Guard Victo Plus Water Heater15 Litre2000 watts7+2yearsCheck the PriceRacold Eterno 2 Water Heater15 Liters2000 watts7+2 yearsCheck the PriceCrompton Solarium DLX Water Heater15 Liters2000 watts5+2 yearsCheck the PriceLongway Water Heater25 liters2000 watts1+2yearsCheck the Price

Best Water Heater – Geysers Reviews in India

1. AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 Vertical Storage Water Heater

The leading U.S water heater company has taken the Indian market by storm with this stylish and compact 15 litre water heater. AO Smith is known for its innovative technologies that improve the longevity of the appliance. Available in two models (15 and 25 litre); this water heater comes with 5 star BEE rating ensuring its superior quality and efficiency towards energy savings. The water heater is best suitable for Indian water conditions as the municipal water supply in most areas is hard water. And this is it is our top pick on this list. Its innovative Blue Diamond Glass line technology makes the inner tank stronger and corrosive resistant. The anode rod with a stainless steel core works towards extending the shelf life of the tank by protecting it from corrosion by hard water. The patented glass coated heating element prevents limescale buildup in the tank and ensures a longer life for the product.

The chic design of the water heater carries a temperature control knob on the front panel. The control knob allows you to adjust the temperature (25-75℃) at which you like the water to get heated. Auto thermal cut-out works wonderfully if and when the water exceeds the highest pre-set temperature. The thermal cut-out shuts off the power supply when the water temperature exceeds. Similarly, a safety valve keeps the water pressure in check by automatically relieving water when the pressure shoots up a preset limit.

Notable Features:

  • 15 litre storage tank
  • Blue Diamond Glass line technology
  • Temperature control ( 25-75℃)
  • Auto thermal cutout
  • BEE 5 star rating


This small and compact water heater works wonderfully with excellent safety features that allow children to handle it freely. The innovative anti-corrosion technology ensures low maintenance. It is best suited for our hard water supply. It comes with an impressive warranty package but the after sales service is not good. Apart from this small glitch, the water heater scores high amongst its counterparts. Once heated, the water temperature is maintained for up to 12 hours. Easy handling, quick heating feature and hassle free maintenance.

What We Liked:

  • Comes with a 7-year warranty for the inner tank
  • 4-year extended warranty on the glass coated heating element
  • Energy efficient (BEE 5 star)
  • Customizable temperature setting and thermal cutout
  • 15 litre storage capacity
  • Low maintenance
  • Super silent

What We Didn’t Like:

  • No free installation
  • Bad after sales service

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2. Bajaj New Shakti GL 25-Litre Water Heater

This make in India product comes with some impressive features designed to tackle the hardness of municipal water. The 25-litre storage tank capacity works efficiently time and energy wise without causing much concern to you. The features are quite same as our topper but this one comes with a commendable 25 litres of capacity. It is worthy of the second spot on the list. The vertical water heater comes with a glass lined inner tank that helps in the prevention of limescale buildup in the tank. The magnesium coated anode rod not only prevents corrosion but also prevents water leakage. The Incoloy heating element ensures a longer shelf life to the product. The heater is also suitable for high water pressure (8Bar) and pressure pump installations.

This ultra safe water heater comes with certain safety measures to keep water from overheating/dry heating. It can also tackle excessive water pressures. The cable extension of the heater is also fire retardant. The heater has a 4 star BEE rating which means you can save a lot of time and money. Once heated, the PUF insulation in the tank captures the heat and maintains the temperature for a longer period of time even when the power supply is cut off.

Notable Features:

  • 25-litre storage tank
  • Fire retardant cable extension
  • 4 star BEE rating
  • Magnesium coated anode rod
  • Glass lined and PUF insulated inner tank
  • Incoloy heating element


The Bajaj New Shakti water heater is highly adaptable to all kinds of spaces. Whether you like to fit it in the laundry room or in the bathroom, the vertical build sits perfectly on the wall without taking up much space. Available for a decent price, the water heater has low maintenance and high safety features. The outer tank is made of metal preventing any external damage to the product and the outer body is made up of plastic which helps in preventing rust formation. The three pin fire retardant cable extension is an added bonus to this energy efficient heater. Its high pressure withstanding feature makes it ideal for high rise apartments.

What We Liked:

  • Large storage capacity
  • 4 star BEE rating
  • Can withstand high water pressure
  • Retains heat
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty on the overall product and 5 year warranty on the inner tank
  • Heats up quickly

What We didn’t like:

  • Pipes and miscellaneous installation accessories do not come with the package.
  • The temperature monitor is not accurate.

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3. American Micronic AMI WHM3 25-Litre Water Heater

Designed by the American Micronic Instruments, Inc., USA, this water heater is durable, reliable and efficient. Although it lacks a stylish design, the water heater comes with a pack of safety and practical features that are suitable for an Indian environment. Its multiple safety systems provide easy handling and carefree environment. It comes with features such as resistance against overheating/ dry heating and immense water pressure. With 25 litres of capacity and 5star BEE rating, this one rightfully takes the third spot. The inner tank is coated with titanium-enamel glass to ensure its longevity by preventing corrosion. The 2mm thick steel inner tank can handle high water pressure (8 Bar) and thus suitable for high rise buildings. The inner tank also comes with a 42mm PUF insulation which helps in reducing energy consumption and heat retention. In addition to this, the sus316l heating element ensures the long life of the product

The magnesium coated anode rod works towards preventing leakages and metal corrosions. The three pin fire retardant cable also provides a safe environment for the children to be around. Auto cutout, thermostat and pressure discharge valve are the other few essential features American Micronic offers.

Notable Features:

  • 25-litre storage tank
  • Titanium-enamel glass coated tank
  • PUF insulation
  • Iso 9001:2008 certified
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty


The water heater easily tackles the hard water scale buildup problem. It has an automatic cut off feature that helps in saving electricity and money. The build of the heater is decent with weather and moisture proof body. The best part of the product is that it comes with a customizable power setting feature. Based on your requirement you can set the power input (800W/1200W/2000W at 230V).

What We Liked:

  • Easy installation and handling
  • Impressive safety systems
  • Customizable temperature and power settings
  • Low maintenance
  • Retains heat for up to 24 hours
  • Energy efficient

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Takes a bit longer to heat up initially

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4. V-Guard Victo 15 Litre Water Heater

The most trusted brand in India when it comes to electrical appliances, V-guard brings an elegant and high performance water heater to the market. The vertical water heater holds a 15-litre large tank made up of high quality material. V-guard Victo comes with a four layered safety system that includes a hi-tech thermostat and thermal cut off feature that ensures the right temperature regulation. The multifunctional safety valve provides optimum pressure control and protects it from leakages and corrosion.

The cylindrical body of the water heater is made up of high quality steel and is coated with anti-corrosive powder that adds to its longevity. The inner tank is built using thick gauge steel and lined with superior glass coating via single-line welding technology. The tank has a PUF insulation that retains heat and minimizes any such loss thus saving energy. The water heater comes with a BEE 5 star rating.

Notable Features:

  • 5 star BEE rating
  • Thermal cutoff feature
  • Customizable temperature control knob
  • Four layered safety system
  • High quality build material
  • 15-litre storage capacity


The water heater does not take much time to heat up 15 litres of water. The sleek build of the heater fits into any space without much trouble. The heater weighs about 10 kgs which suits it wall mounting ability. The water heater is energy efficient and has low maintenance once installed. It is suitable for hard water supply with decent water pressure. The package comes along with accessory units, unlike other brands.

What We Liked:

  • Energy efficient
  • Comes with a 2 -year warranty
  • Accessory kit included
  • Low maintenance
  • Longer shelf-life

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not sure whether it withstands high pressure.

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5. Havells Monza EC5S 15 Litre Water Heater

Coming from a major power distribution equipment manufacturing company, this 15-litre is the best choice for a guest bedroom. The ergonomic design makes it impossible for anyone to not notice the water heater. Havells is known for high efficiency products and this EC 5s water heater lives up to the expectations. The inner tank is made up of superior quality cold rolled steel that is lined with Fero Glass technology using the single line weld design. Additionally, the inner tank is PUF insulated allowing water to retain heat even after the power supply is cut off. The Incoloy heating element and the heavy duty anode rod work efficiently towards preventing corrosion in the tank.

The water heater is BEE star rated which assures the efficiency of the device as well as its longevity. Safety systems are at par with Government standards. The Havells water heater provides high level protection of electrical parts from water. The water tubes in the heater work with a whirl flow technology providing uninterrupted water supply with the right pressure. The adjustable temperature knob in the front panel is accompanied by digital indicators.

Notable Features:

  • Fero glass technology
  • 5 star BEE rating
  • Adjustable temperature control unit
  • PUF insulated tank
  • Highly efficient Incoloy heating element and anode rod
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty for the product and 6-year warranty for the inner tank


Havells water heater is reliable as far as performance is concerned. The heater has a metal body instead of plastic like other water heaters. It is ideal for a nuclear family and high rise buildings. It can withstand high pressure. Installation is easy and customer service is impeccable. Unlike other brands, this product comes with an accessory kit.

What We Liked:

  • Shock resistant electrical units
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Durable fero glass technology
  • Comes with a prolonged warranty period
  • Auto cut off feature
  • Heats up quickly

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Low temperature heating is not very impressive
  • A bit higher priced

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6. Usha Misty 25 Litre Water Heater

The Misty range of water heaters by USHA combines efficiency and safety to its beautiful build to give you a reliable geyser. The Misty water heater is known for its safety systems and utility.

This classic package of performance, safety and energy saving feature makes it an ideal choice for your home. For optimum protection, USHA water heaters are equipped with features that work towards preventing overheating and dry heating, temperature and pressure control and prevention of electrical leakages. The inner tank is made up of high quality steel and coated with sapphire powder and glass lining. Adding to this, the anode rod is coated with high magnesium concentrate to protect the tank against corrosion and electrochemical reactions. Apart from this, the polyurethane foam insulation helps in retaining heat within the tank, thus saving energy. The Incoloy 800 heating element with enamel coating heats up water pretty quickly reducing the wait time.

The single weld lining of the inner tank reduces unwanted leakages ensuring extra safety. The heater is equipped to high pressure (8 bar) making it ideal for multistoried buildings. The whirl flow technology in the water pipes ensures the heaters efficient performance. IPX4 protects the electrical units from water splashes and leakages. High precision thermostat works wonderfully in controlling the temperature and initiating the auto shut-off. The multifunctional safety valve controls the water pressure and prevents backflow of water.

Notable Features:

  • Sapphire powder coated tank
  • High concentrate magnesium coated anode rod
  • Incoloy 800 heating element
  • Superior safety systems
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • 5 star BEE rating


The water heater has a beautiful design on its ABS body. The heater is decently priced for the features it promises. Safety takes the center stage with this water heater. Super smooth performance and durability are what one can expect from this heater. It takes about 10 mins to heat up the water in the tank. However, installation and after sales service is bad!

What We Liked:

  • Multi safety features
  • Comes with a 2 year product warranty; 7-year inner tank warranty
  • Heats up quickly
  • Retains heat for prolonged hours

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Installation and customer service needs improving
  • Low temperature mode is not effective

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7. V-Guard Victo Plus 15 Litre Water Heater

V-guard Victo Plus is an amped up version of the Victo water heater both by design and features. Its ergonomic design and revised safety, utility and performance are ideal for a modern household. It basically provides you with a hassle free, smooth sailing performance. Moving on from the cylindrical shape of the victo water heater, victo plus provides a slight variation in the shape. The digital panel with the control dial adds to its design making it one of the most sophisticated designs amongst the water heaters. The inner tank is made up of high quality steel coated with anti-corrosive powder to extend the product’s longevity. The four layered safety systems are also impressive providing you with a safe and healthy environment.

The heater has a seven segment digital display that indicates the temperature within the tank. The stylish jog dial makes it easier for you to control the thermostat. Coming back to the internal components, the inner tank is also coated with superior glass using single line weld technology to prevent corrosion. The PUF insulation maintains the high temperature for a longer period of time even when the power supply is shut. The sacrificial magnesium coated anode rod also works towards preventing corrosions and other electrochemical reactions within the tank. The smart thermostat also comes with an auto shut off feature. Lastly, the multifunctional safety valve ensures the right water pressure is maintained.

Notable Features:

  • Digital display and smart jog dial
  • Four layered safety systems
  • Withstands high pressure (8 bar)
  • 5 star BEE rating
  • Comes with a 2 -year warranty
  • 15-litre storage capacity


The most stylish and sophisticated water heater available in the market! It has all the necessary features required for a hassle free output. The price is also pretty decent. Easy to install and maintain probably why the customer service is often unresponsive. It takes a bit longer to heat a 15-litre tank. Some might find the body bulky and heavy for a 15-litre water heater.

What We Liked:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Digital display
  • Exceptional safety features
  • Heat retention capacity is excellent

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Heat indicator is not bright enough.

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8. Racold Eterno 2 15-Liter Water Heater

Coming from a notable brand, Racold Eterno 2 claims to be a smart/intelligent water bath logic. With eye-catchy design, the 15-litre sleek water heater is highly energy efficient. Racold claims that this smart water heater saves up to 40% of energy while providing you with the perfect hot water of your desired temperature. It comes with a super polymer coating that evades limescale deposits in the inner tank. This protective coating technology thus helps in preventing corrosion and providing high performance. The special titanium coated heating element also protects the heater and increases its life span. Smartguard feature of the heater keeps the water pressure in check while sustaining high pressure.

Explaining their claim of energy conservation, Racold reveals that the smart mix of both hot and cold water by a special deflector ensures less frequent restart and a longer period of hot water. It is definitely a 5 star BEE rated product. The tank is also lined with polyurethane foam for better insulation. However, this water heater is available only as vertical mounts.

Notable Features:

  • Smart bath logic
  • Super polymer high performance
  • Smartguard high pressure resistance
  • Smark mix deflector
  • Warranty: 2 years on product; 3 on the element; 7 on inner tank
  • 5 star BEE rating


Ideal for high rise buildings as it withstands high pressure. The make of the heater is also impressive. Installation is free and no maintenance is required. It is meant for a longer service. Unfortunately, it is available only in 15-litre capacity and not higher

What We Liked:

  • Energy efficient
  • Impressive warranty period
  • High performance
  • Heats up within 7-8 minutes
  • Thermostat and auto cut off
  • Retains heat for a longer period

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Customer service needs improvement

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9. Crompton Solarium DLX 15Liter  Storage Water Heater

Crompton geysers are known for their design and efficiency. The Solarium is nothing different. The stylish design of the water heater is appealing yet it is compact enough to carry a 15-litre storage tank. The unique design definitely makes it an eye-catcher.

The solarium withstands the 8 bar water pressure and is thus best suited for multistoried buildings. The inner tank is coated with anti-corrosive material using single weld line that helps in reducing water leakages by 66%. The tank is covered with the best rust free ABS body for longer shelf life. The heater also comes with an advanced 3-tier temperature sensing feature that includes capillary thermostat, thermal cut off and fusible plug to ensure a safe working environment. The inner tank consists of a special type heating element- ISI marked nickel coated copper to provide protection against salt buildup. Additionally, a patented nano polymer coating is applied to the tank to prevent corrosion.

Notable Features:

  • 15-litre storage tank
  • Nano polymer coating technology
  • Nickel coated copper heating element
  • 5 star BEE rating
  • High pressure resistance
  • Warranty: 2 years on product; 2 years on heating element; 5 years on tank


Highly efficient water heater for a decent price! The auto cut off feature along with other advanced technology saves a lot of electricity. The design is also pretty nice. On the downside, we have to buy pipes and other installation accessories separately. Water gets heated within a few minutes. Overall it looks like a reliable and durable product.

What We Liked:

  • Advanced safety systems
  • Easy installation
  • Auto cut off
  • Retains heat for 6 hours
  • Quick heating

What We Didn’t like:

  • The display lights need improvement

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10. Longway Stainless Steel  Water Heater

The Longway water heater is known for its quick response to the heat. It is thus best suited for those who are always at a race against time. This amazing 5 star BEE rated geyser has a 25-litre storage tank capacity. It has an anti-vacuum system, automatic thermostat that cuts off the power when not required. The extra heavy heating element is coated with magnesium for longer durability of the product.

Notable Features:

  • AVS technology
  • Warranty: 2 years on product; 1 year on heating components; 30 months on tank
  • Heavy coated heating element
  • 25-litre storage tank


Although Longway heaters are not known in India, they are one of the oldest brands to have manufactured water heaters. The performance is pretty decent and so is the price. The installation has to be done by you when purchased. However, this one might last a few years less compared to the other water heaters.

What We Liked:

  • Good warranty period
  • AVS technology
  • Good heating response

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Customer service is bad

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Buying Guide – Water Heaters

When purchasing any home or kitchen appliance, it is very important to have proper knowledge on how to analyze the features and choose the best according to your requirements. Without this information, . you can end wasting your money on unsuitable water heater.

Below, we have briefed all the information required to analyze a geyser. Read it carefully to choose wisely.

1. Know Your Purpose

The main reason for the purchase of a geyser is the first important thing to consider – as it helps you further choose the type of geyser suitable for you. For example: A small geyser is sufficient to use in kitchens for hand wash and cleaning utensils while big sized geysers are used effectively in bathrooms. So, it’s important for an individual to take a wise decision before purchasing water heaters. Some of questions you have to ask yourself are…

  • Are you purchasing the geyser for washing kitchen utensils?
  • Should the geyser be compatible with showers?
  • Do you want a geyser just to connect with normal tap in the bathroom?

Questioning yourself helps to analyze what your requirements are.

2. Water Capacity/Heater Size

It is hard to pinpoint on the right water heater capacity as it depends on the number of people and the consumption rate. The purpose of your buy also makes a valid addition in deciding the right water heater for you.

A 10-15 litre capacity water heater is ideal for a family of 4. Similarly,  if you are looking for an instant geyser for kitchen utility, a 3-litre water heater would be recommended. Thus, depending upon the purpose, consumption and the number of users, here we give you a small table that paints a picture on this issue.

Size of FamilyPurposeGeyser typeCapacity2-3 memberskitcheninstant3-litre2-3 membersbathroomstorage10-15 litres4-6 memberskitcheninstant3-litre4-6 membersbathroomstorage25 litres

Once you have decided on the capacity of the water heater, the next step is to choose the type of water heater.

3. Types of Geysers

Based on their working principle, geysers are categorized into two – electric and gas. Let’s have a clear description of each type in detail…

a) Gas Water Heaters/Geysers:

As the name suggests, LPG cylinders are used as the energy source for heating water. They were popular a few years back for its economic advantage but it is strictly not recommended anymore due to the obvious safety reasons. Gas geysers are in general instant geysers. All the more, they are not available in larger tank capacity.

b) Solar geysers:

economical, efficient and highly reliable, solar water heaters are the future of water heating. However, they work out only if you are living in an independent house and are ready to invest in a large capacity tank. Solar geysers do not work out for apartments/flats or other commercial buildings. With initial investment forming a dent in the pocket, they are worthwhile only for 50 litre tank and more.

c) Electrical geysers: compact, energy efficient and durable, electrical geysers are the best choice for small families living in apartments. Available for decent prices, these geysers are reliable with exceptional safety measures. Although it is all in all dependent on a power source, once heated, they hold the capacity to retain the heat within the tank. They can also work under high water pressure.

Now, based on the storage type, water heaters can be classified into

  • Storage water heaters: These water heaters are always stored with some water depending upon its storage capacity. Under sufficient power supply, the water stored in the tank heats up to the required temperature and even retains the heat after cutting off the power source. Although electricity supply and the bill might be an issue, all the water heaters nowadays are energy efficient and require low maintenance.
  • Instant/Tankless water heaters: These heaters are tankless as the name suggests. They are required to be connected to the water supply constantly. On your requirement, you just have to switch on the power/gas and let the water heat up for a few seconds. These geysers generally have a small heating capacity. It might require you to wait for a few minutes for the water to flow from the tank/tap, heat and then outflow.

Instant Geysers Vs Storage Geysers

Instant Geysers don’t have separate storage tank capacity like storage geysers. In instant geysers, once you switch on, the water is heated quickly and delivered, and once you switch off, it will stop heat water immediately. If you want hot water again, then you have to again switch on the device. However, when it comes to storage geysers, once you switch on certain amount of water (depending on water tank capacity) water is heated and thermostat controls the water temperature for few hours, even after you switch off the device.

Let’s have a brief comparison of these two types in the below table…

FeatureInstantStorageSpace requirementNarrow spaceLarger surfaceconvenienceNot for showersIdeal for showers/washingTime requiredHot water supply within a few secondsRequires anywhere between 10-25 minutesCostRs 6-8kRs 7-10kAvailable size1-3 litres6-35 litresShelf lifeLonger than 10 years except for a few miscellaneous changesUp to 10 years with little or no maintenance

4. Power Consumption

Electrical water heaters add up to 15% of your monthly electricity bill depending upon the weather conditions and consumption. Although most of the household appliances are energy efficient, it is still essential for you to understand the amount of power your water heater consumes in order to make some savings.

All the branded water heaters are BEE rated. Look at the BEE label and study the annual power consumption in units. You can then cross check that with this simple formula

Units consumed = Water volume X Temperature difference X Cost of electricity.

Other than this, there are a few factors you have to consider deciding the energy consumption of the water heater.

  • Input water: The rate of heating depends of the initial water temperature which will change with season, also the power consumption.
  • Purpose of water: needless to say, the purpose of water usage plays an important role in energy consumption. Large quantity of water requires more power.
  • Thermostat setting: all the modern electric water heaters come with a thermostat that lets you set a temperature which is further maintains using the auto on/shut off feature.
  •  Auto-off- a geyser with auto off feature shuts the device off after reaching the desired temperature which prevents unnecessary power consumption.
  • Heat retention: although most of the modern heaters do come with this feature, this is a less significant feature deciding the efficiency of the product. The more the heater retains the heat, the less power it consumes.

5. Tank Material

The material from which the inner tank is built matters a lot! Not just to prove its efficiency but also to ensure a safe water output. Tanks are generally built using the following materials:

  • Copper: Although these tanks are obsolete nowadays, it was one of the most used materials to build tanks for water heaters. Copper is a good conductor of electricity. This ensured a quick response in heating the water. However, it also causes corrosion and loss of heat putting the safety of the water in question. Also, it requires regular maintenance.
  • Stainless steel: Commonly used in most of the modern day water heaters, stainless steel tanks are usually coated with anti-corrosive powder and glass lining to keep the tank free from corrosion and other electrochemical reactions. The insulation is better and also requires little to no maintenance.
  • Thermoplastic: A lesser known material for a tank. However, thermoplastic tanks have a better non-corrosive feature when compared to copper. On the downside, they are not insulated.

6. Heating Element

Heating element is also as important as the tank material. Most brands make copper heating elements with a coating use to prevent corrosion.  Some manufacturers use glass coated Incology heating element, they are considered to be the best in resting corrosion and the most expensive ones. Another popular heating element is glass coted copper heating element, they are not so expensive but are quite good.

7. Anti-scale and non-corrosive feature

Since India has a hard water supply, when the water is exposed to certain heat for a prolonged period, there tends to be some electrochemical reactions happening in the tank. The calcium carbonate in the water forms limescale deposits in the tank as a side effect. This might harm the purity of the water, obstruct the function of the heater or even harm the device. This buildup will cost the consumer more as the tank needs to be changed in order to get the water heater back working. Thus, it is important for one to consider the make of the tank and ensure that it is coated with anti-corrosive powder/lining.

8. Mount

Vertical mount water heaters are the most common type of heaters found in the market. Horizontal heaters called H-wall water heaters are a new entry to the market that are suitable for areas with low ceilings, false ceilings or attics. Make sure your bathroom/kitchen has about 2 feet of space to fit a vertical mount water heater.

9. Water pressure

It might sound insignificant but it does make a lot of difference especially if you are staying in a high rise building/apartment. The water pressure in the tap that feeds the heater should be checked. An ideal water heater with more than 6 bars can withstand high water pressure. Any lower than that, leakages and tank bursts can be expected. Most of the modern day geysers come with a safety valve to depressurize the water within the tank by releasing some amount of water. Other than that, glass lining and magnesium coated anode rods help in maintaining the water pressure.

10. Build and Material

Now that we know the importance of the material used in building the inner tank, let us look at the limitations set in building the outer body. Not to mention the importance of design and look. With most of the inner tanks built with stainless steel and coated with titanium, enamel and glass lining to provide insulation, the outer body can be built using plastic. However, a sturdy material such as ABS is preferred. The plastic even helps in moulding the heater to the desired shape and design.

11. Appearance and Design

Though appearance and design are two least considerable facts to some customers but there are always some hidden benefits to consider them when buying any electric household device. Like an attractive geyser can complement your bathroom color and decoration. If it is well designed then it can also save wall space, especially when you have smaller bathrooms.

12. Rating

Star rating is something one has to consider in order to save money and time on a long run. All the water heaters are marked with a BEE star rating by the Government of India. Higher the number of stars (on a scale of 5), the more energy efficient the device is. Always consider buying any home appliance with 4 or higher star rating.

13. Wattage

An average water heater generally works at 1500 to 2000 W A/C power while some manufacturers have increased it to 2500-3000 W. An instant water heater can draw enormous amount of electricity over a very short time, they can work at 3000 W and sometimes 45000 W. Again a geyser with high flow rate such as 100L/ hour will consume more power than those with lower flow rates.

14. Additional Features

It is always good to have some additional features like good design, adjustable knob and others to make the bathing experience even more convenient. Our body cannot handle too hot water, so you don’t require hot water that exceeds 50 degrees Celsius. That is why, it is better to have customized heat temperature adjustment in a geyser. This will prevent the struggle of mixing hot and cold water to get desirable hotness. And moreover, it saves  electricity bill as well.

15. Durability and Maintenance

The durability of water heater represents the ability to withstand and function effectively even in unpleasant conditions. The durability of the geyser ensures long-lasting nature without any damage to the product. Moreover, the maintenance of the geyser depends on geyser type and frequent usage. To maintain geyser in good working condition, clean the tank once in every week to prevent from rusting.

16. Geyser Brands

There are plenty of brands in the market manufacturing geysers- you can find one that costs1000- you can also find one that is costs 10,000. No, we are not telling you higher price always comes with greater benefits but why there is so much difference in the price? Why brand matters so much?

Well, most of the time price does make a difference in terms of quality, durability and reliability. Paying some extra bucks for a branded geyser will always pay you back. A good brand geyser with good hardware quality always ensures safety, whether it is gas or electric. There are very rare cases of gas leakage or shot circuits. It saves electricity consumption thereby saving your monthly electricity bills. A reputable brand comes with warranty and ensures you don’t pay for a new geyser every year.

Our advice will be to always look for a geyser that has ISI marks if you want to reduce you geyser maintenance cost. Any geyser without ISI mark will increase the cost of its spare parts including the heating material, thermostat and service cost.

17. Warranty

It is always best to have a long warranty period when it comes to geysers. Usually, most of the high brand water heaters have 4 – 5 years of warranty on water tank and 2 – 3 years on the body and other accessories. As geyser is not a small investment, we recommend to prefer high warranty periods.

18.After Sales Service

Geysers are one of the important household appliances, so when you buy a new one it is always advisable to buy from a reputable brand which offers quick repairs and replacements in case any damage occurs.

19. Budget-friendly Nature

Finally, we end up buying a guide with the price. Though it comes last in the list, you should take into count as you may strict to your budget low or high. If you’re on low-budget, go with the entry-level models that best matches with your heating or storage requirements. Otherwise, go with top-notch water geysers that come at expensive rates.

General Tips before buying a geyser

  • Electric geysers with copper tank should not be used at home with high water supply pumps as high water pressure can damage the geyser along with the tank.
  • When installing a gas heater place the LPG gas cylinder up, outside of the bathroom with a proper leakage proof pipe. The gas heater emits Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas so there should be proper ventilation system.
  • Your electric heaters should have an auto cut-off feature that efficiently shuts down the supply of power as and when the water reaches 60℃. Any further heating can cause internal pressure to build up and outbursts.
  • Buy only those heaters that carry a genuine BIS/ISI certification. This guarantees that the product has undergone all the necessary trials and assurance checks.
  • It is advisable to hire a professional to install the appliance as slight negligence might risk the life of the product and yours.
  • Always check for the manufacturer’s warranty information at the time of purchasing.
  • Shock proof and rustproof -ABS Plastic body
  • Fire Retardant Cable: reduces the flammability of the cables to prevent any chances short circuit.
  • A safety valve- to discharge excess water when the pressure or temperature exceeds safe limits.
  • Auto-On/Off- to automatically turn the device off and on when needed to prevent electricity wastage.
  • BEE star rating- higher the star rating more the energy savings.

Safety measures to follow when using a geyser

  • Children should be stay away from geyser while it is on otherwise they can burn their hands with hot water
  • Don’t use other electrical device in the bathroom when using a geyser
  • Flush out the sediment build-up regularly to avoid unnecessary electricity consumption.
  • Never keep geyser on for a long period of time.
  • Operating at higher temperature levels causes more electricity consumption. By setting the temperature from 60 degree C to 50 degree C you can actually save 18% more electricity.
  • Water heater wastes electricity when you left unused water inside the tank. Always switch the geyser on before using and switch it off when you are done.
  • Most of the geysers have by-default thermostat settings at 60 degree C. Please be careful while using it as this high temperature can cause serve damage and burns to human skin. Always mix cold water with the hot water to lower down the temperature.

Some Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What are the best Water heater brands?

Best brand ensures quality, efficiency and good after sales service. From so many brands here comes the best ones- AO smith, Havells, Crompton, Bajaj , Racold, American Microni, V-Guard, and Kenstar.  They offer geysers with capacity from 10L-35 L. They are available in Amazon or Flipkart. Some of them provide free installation. Even if it is paid they are always better than a calling local plumber.2. Can I install the Geyser myself?

We never recommend you to install a geyser yourself until you are not a professional. We will also advise you to avoid local plumber as they don’t follow safety measures and often not very professional. It is better if you seek help for an Authorized Service Center. Some manufacturers provide installation service when you purchase a new item. For installation you will need some additional things like 2 steel ribbed pipes, 1 brass angle valve, a connection nipple and little other stuffs.3. How you can make your geyser a smart geyser?

With home automations you can control your geyser with a smart phone without getting up early from your bed. All you have to do is to plug the Oakter compatible geyser to the Oakter smart plug and schedule a time to turn on/off automatically. Like if you plan to take a bath at 8 am in the morning you can configure the Oakter App to automatically turn the geyser on at 7:30 am, by so you will get hot water as soon as you enter the bathroom. It will also turn the geyser off after reaching the desired temperature set by you.4. How wattage is related to heating time?

Wattage of a geyser is directly related to the time taken for heating water. The more the wattage the faster will be the heating. For instance a 4 K.W geyser will heat the water faster than a 2 K.W geyser. It can prevent hot water wastage; however, greater wattage will also increase the monthly electricity bill.5.What is the best geyser for hard water?

Hard water has salts like calcium, magnesium in dissolved state. They can cause corrosion and form rust inside the walls of the geyser. If you have hard water supply at home look for a geyser with a corrosive resistant tank and glass coated copper Incoloy heating element for greater durability and longer life span. You can also install a water softener that will turn hard water into soft water before passing it to the geyser.6.How long does a water heater last?

Depending upon the usage, brand and capacity, electric water heaters usually last at least up to 10 years. According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors a traditional storage water heater can last up to 10 years depending on the water hardness, daily usage, build-quality, installation and preventative maintenance.
As it starts aging it gives hints that it needs replacement soon. For example, rusty water can turn the water heater rusting inside out causing great damage with time. Sedimentation at the bottom of the tank makes boom-bang sounds coming out from the geyser. The sediment build-up forms calcite that is heated and re-heated regularly destroys your water heater in a way it starts losing its efficiency sooner than what is expected. Water leakage can be the ultimate goodbye sign of a geyser- but look for easy repairable loose connections and fittings, leaks in pipes.7. Is it normal for the electric water heater to make noise?

Yes, a faint noise, once the water inside the tank has reached the desired temperature is normal. However, if you hear banging, hissing, or knocking sounds, call the customer service. This might be due to the unwanted limescale deposits in the tank. You might even want to check the heating element.8. Is it normal for a gas heater to make noise?

If you hear sounds like popping, hissing and crushing it is due to the sediment build-up inside the tank. Hard water which contains high level of calcium and magnesium salts crates a calcite layer at the bottom of the tank. When the moisture between the sediment layer and the geyser wall starts to boil it makes such noise. You need the flush the geyser to get rid of all the sediment build-up.9. How do I know if I need to replace the water heater?

You should observe whether the heater is supplying surplus hot water or is losing out on it every few minutes. Steady supply of hot water at the desired temperature shows that your heater is fit to run for a few more years. However, if the temperature fluctuates or the water output has sediments in it, it’s definitely time to change your water heater.10. Why is my heater releasing water?

It is common for the modern water heaters to release a small amount of water now and then. This is to maintain the internal water pressure in the tank. A multifunctional safety valve keeps the water pressure and temperature in check and prevents the tank from leakages and bursts.11. How to turn off a leaking water heater?

First and foremost thing to do is to shut down the water supply to the unit. Every water heater comes with an instruction manual when purchased. Depending upon the brand, the steps may vary but make sure you study the manual and follow the instructions carefully. In case it doesn’t work out, call the helpline number.12. Why is my water heater leaking?

One might notice water leaking from the pipes, inlet valve or the bottom tank. Leaking pipes indicate that it is time for its replacement. If the water is leaking from the top/inlet valve, it indicates installation issues while water leakage from the bottom indicates a crack in the inner tank. This would be the time to either utilize your warranty and replace the tank or replace the water heater.13. Why isn’t my water heater producing enough hot water like before?

If your water heater is running out of hot water quickly or is producing lukewarm water, it could be due to two main reasons. One- the heating element or the thermostat must have burned out. Two- over the years the inner tank must be clogged with sediments and scale buildups.14. Off late my water heater has been giving out smelly water. What should I do?

Smelly water could be due to the sedimentation and limescale buildup in the water tank. With heavy chlorination of the inlet water, one can observe unwanted microbial and mineral buildup within the tank. This might cause the foul smell in the water. Regular flushing of the tank keeps the tank clean and safe for further use.


During winters, it becomes difficult to bath without hot water. Bathing with normal or cold water in the winters can lead to several health complications like cold, fever and others. But boiling hot water on stove or using portable electric heaters take much time and hard work.

But installing a water heater/geyser can be a great solution to prevent the hard work. With these appliances, you can save time as well.

However, when it comes to purchasing them, you have to consider certain factors like capacity, durability, type, and others. This information helps you analyze the options and choose the right one for your requirements.

Every one of us has different preferences – it can be either instant or storage geysers. When it comes to instant geysers, we recommend going with Bajaj Flora. And for storage geysers, we recommend AO Smith HSE SDS product. These two products are the best among their range. Their exceptional features and specifications make it totally worth your every penny.

If you have any queries or doubts, then write to us in the comment section below. We will share our answers as soon as possible. For more such articles, keep

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